Giath Matar Aid, a Charity Institution founded in Daraya



People of the prominent Damascus Suburb, Daraya have established a charity institution to look after families of martyrs and wounded, they named it “Ghiath Matar organization,” Sources reported to Zaman Alwasl.
The institution relies on donations and charity to offer help aid to people in need especially families of martyrs and wounded, as a gratitude for the sacrifices their relatives gave.
Ghiath Matar was very known peaceful activist from Daraya, he participated in most demonstration. Giving soldiers and security members flowers and water was the most distinctive initiative known about him.
In 6th September 2011, Syrian regime security arrested him by conning and trapping. His body was returned to his family 4 days later with signs of torture and his throat was taken off and given to his parents and were told to make “Shwerma” of it”.
A big funeral ceremony was done to him, in which may of European and USA ambassadors attended. Pro regime militia”Shbiha” attacked the funeral after the ambassadors left.
Ghiath’s wife gave birth of his son and was named Ghiath as well.
Read the Original Article; Translation by Yusra Ahmed